Calm Your Head Use Your Hands 

In these days of  laptops, tablets and smart phones, using your hands to make something, is calming for your mind.  Learn a new craft or skill that will enable you to make something useful or aesthetically pleasing.  I am qualified and have the knowledge and experience to teach you a craft or skills.  

I have qualifications as follows: City and Guilds in Fashion and Design, Foundation in Art, a BTEC in Ceramics and a City and Guilds in Adult Teaching.  I have been making clothes and crafts since childhood and use my experience and love of arts and crafts to teach a range of skills.  These might be anything related to sewing, like dressmaking, pattern cutting or making soft furnishings. Or it could be embroidery, knitting, pottery or cross stitch to name a few crafts that I enjoy.  The process of learning to make something new with your hands will help you to feel more relaxed. It will also give you a sense of pride and achievement and you will have a skill to carry forward.   


My skills would suit an organisation or group who want to learn crafts or art in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.  I am  considerate and sensitive to the needs of people.  My career and life experience has been supporting people who face problems in their life, through disability or challenges.  Groups who may want to use my skills, might be in an educational setting or a supportive organisation, where a group want to learn a therapeutic art or craft.  Or it might be a private group of people who come together for friendship and socialisation and want craft to be part of it.  

I do not under any circumstances share any of your information with a third party. I will only retain your personal details if you request me to do so and I will request your instructions in writing in this case. This is to ensure that I comply with the EU General Data Protection (GDPR) that took effect on 25th May 2018.  



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